Highest Rated Glass Bongs and Pipes Brands Of 2020

Glass white bongs and pipes
Source: Cannab Exchange

In the event that you are one of the more genuine stoners ready to spend a little for a top notch, smooth smoking experience, a glass bong is certainly a commendable speculation for you. An exceptional quality glass bong upgrades the strength of your herb as well as improves the whole inward breath process, making it more proficient and more advantageous. Modest wooden or acrylic bongs are perfect for tenderfoots who can later spend genuine money on top of the line piece. Regardless of whether you are keen on purchasing a world-class cannabis bong or not, it merits finding out about the best brands like Itsprimo of bongs and pipes in the market at that point.

EHLE Glass

A German brand discovered, harking back to the 1950s, EHLE has been engaged with assembling top notch bongs and pipes for over 60 years now. The brand is renowned for its rich manifestations and tough premium-grade glass bongs available to be purchased. All the bongs are made utilizing progressed glass making techniques and premium-grade borosilicate glass. EHLE makes it in low volume to keep up the guidelines. Notwithstanding the interest contrasted with constrained flexibly, it keeps the costs serious. The round and hollow bong is an incredible case of the quality conveyed by EHLE. The 12.5 inches bong accessible for under $100 speaks to the craftsmanship put into each piece from the brand. It likewise includes adornments like a pipe formed bowl and non-diffuser downstem and conveys sumptuous, smooth hits with a flavor that you can’t coordinate. The great execution of EHLE glass bongs must be felt once you hold a bong.

Toro Glass

Every one of the Toro Glass bongs you see is made by JP Toro, one of the best glass craftsmen on earth and the organizer of the organization. He is renowned for his tender loving care and unequaled quality he conveys with a stunning assortment of bongs and pipes. The Full Size 7 to 13 Arm bong from Toro was given the main situation on the 2017 High Occasions Rundown of the Best Bongs. It is an extremely wonderful piece produced using American logical glass and highlights a stemless plan. The one of a kind Toro piece is collectible however what makes it stand apart is the nature of fume it produces. The tree arm percolators filters the smoke twice and result in a smooth hit that anyone would want. Toro Glass bongs are the absolute most costly items in the market and they are positively not for easygoing consumers however, for more modern ones.

Snoop Dogg Bong

Mainstream by various epithets like the Granddad of Kush, Snoop Dogg has its own line of glass bongs. Its Pounds extend comprises of five water pipes providing food explicit utility. One of these pipes functions admirably for dry herb while another is perfect for dabs and oils. The littlest of the Pounds group of glass bongs, the Spaceship is 6.5 inches tall and is made for dabbing. It includes a little percolator which pipes and cleans the smoke so that just the smoothest hits are conveyed. Snoop Dogg bongs additionally have the famous ‘War vessel’ multi-reason bong which works for dry herb and dab rig. It has a fixed down stem and different accessories including a fume arch, herb bowl, glass dab tool and basin. Three percolator plates join to filters the smoke and result in a perfect and cool smoke as it arrives at the lips, delivering a soothing, flavorful hit. The flared mouthpiece is plotted for simplicity and solace. Pounds bongs from Snoop Dogg are probably the most costly yet bring extraordinary incentive for cash.